kdm chooser setup

Marvin [GodfatherofSoul] Bellamy mbellamy at kc.rr.com
Thu Aug 1 05:09:36 BST 2002

Mandrake 8.2, graphical login
KDE 3.0.2

First post and I hope this isn't an annoying repetition, but I've 
searched my user group, the KDE newsgroup, and the archives with no 
luck.  Anyway, I'm looking for the best way to open a 
MI/X/Exceed/Excursion session to my Linux network server, except I want 
to do this from a Linux workstation (not thin client).  From my 
research, I think I need to configure kdm's chooser to broadcast a query 
for machines on my network willing to export their displays.  I *think* 
this is implemented as a dropdown select box on the graphical login 
screen listing willing hosts.  Now, I can access my network server with 
MI/X, so I know I have XDMCP working, but the login doen't display the 
select box.  I've enabled XDMCP on the Linux workstation just as I have 
on the network server including the following in Xaccess:


BTW, I have to use a the graphical login.  I've seen similar questions 
asked quite often in the newsgroup with no response (working response, 
that is), so any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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