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Paul Brown paul.brown at kde.org
Sun Nov 19 09:26:09 GMT 2023

On Sunday, 19 November 2023 08:37:02 CET Cornelius Schumacher (@cschumac) 
> Cornelius Schumacher commented:
> https://invent.kde.org/websites/kde-org/-/issues/25#note_813812
> I think we do need a single source of curated news from the KDE community.
> This gives identity to the project and serves as a one-stop shop for all
> the people who are interested in KDE but don't want to get the firehose of
> all possible news or search for specific things themselves.
> The dot served as that for quite some time, it doesn't seem to do it anymore
> because nobody is curating content anymore there, maybe also because of the
> maintenance burden. I do think it's essential for KDE as a community to put
> in the work content-wise to produce a storyline which can easily be
> consumed by those who are sympathetic and interested into KDE, which also
> can be used a resource others can be pointed to, and is something like the
> entry point for the question "What great things is KDE doing?"
> That the dot is a separate site and not on kde.org itself is probably more a
> historical thing than a deliberate decision. It would make sense to put it
> on the main site, because that's our highest-traffic site where we reach
> most people.
> The announcements on kde.org always have been more formal, resembling a
> press release feed of a company, and there are mostly release
> announcements. I think it's fine to keep it this way, as the official
> channel of project announcements, but that is not a replacement for a
> curated view into the community.
> Planet is nice as an uncurated view into what is happening, but this is more
> a social feed than something which is pleasant to consume and targeted in
> terms of communication.
> With something like the dot we have the chance to shape the view of what KDE
> is and what it is doing. It would be sad if we give up on this idea, which
> the dot represents. From my point of view the ideal solution would be to
> rejuvenate the original idea of the dot at a place which is more visible
> and in a way which does not require much technical administration overhead.

There is no point in pouring effort and resources  into  platform intended for 
communication that does not communicate because nobody reads it. Social media 
has made the dot (and similar outlets) obsolete.

Let's think ahead,not backwards.


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