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Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss joseph at
Tue May 30 18:07:14 BST 2023

Hi all,

I have been exploring the information at wiki and 
trying to think of ways to make improvements.

A couple of questions to the community:

Is anyone here already involved in wiki maintainence?

Any community members interested in an online Sprint/edit-a-thon or an 
in-person Akademy BoF to improve the wiki together?

Some suggestions for improvements are below, but as always your ideas 
are very welcome:

  - *General Maintenance*: Check that content is up-to-date and archive 
[1] or mark as out-of-date [2] old content or information that needs 
review [3].

  - *Discoverability*: Brainstorm ways to make the content of the wiki 
more easily navigable and discoverable, such as including sections "See 
also" for KDE-wiki-internal pages and "External links" for relevant 
websites (see bottom of SoK [4] and GSoC [5] pages for examples).

  - *Consistency*: Structure wiki information in a consistent way across 
pages so visitors can find content they want as quickly and easily as 

  - *Task List*: Make a list of easy-to-do tasks that just need someone 
to do it, and publish them in the appropriate place (Gitlab?). Perhaps 
this could be a way to easily engage new contributors.

  - Your ideas here :)

Thoughts? Any interest?

I did not make a task for this at Phabricator since the service will be 
retired soon. Is there an appropriate place in GitLab for this and 
related tasks? I looked under Gitlab > Websites but did not find anything.



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