Poor contrast in 'KDE for Kids' website

Phu Hung Nguyen phu.nguyen at kdemail.net
Thu Apr 6 18:19:06 BST 2023

> I attach two screenshots: the first from the GCompris section, and the second
> from the KTuberling section. I'm using Firefox 111.0.1 with the "Automatic"
> theme (which is the default). As you probably know, Firefox has three themes:
> Automatic, Light and Dark. The problem also appears with the "Dark" theme, but
> not with the "Light" theme.
> In Falkon there is no problem. It looks perfectly.
> Looking at the source code of the page, I see that the HTML <h2> and <p> tags
> of the GCompris section contain "style=color:#000!important" to force the text
> color to black. The <h2> and <p> tags in the rest of the sections do not force
> the color of the text to black. This is probably related to the problem and
> maybe the solution is to force the text color to black in those HTML tags as
> well.
> Cheers

Hi Eloy,

Thanks for reporting the issue. It has been fixed now.


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