"KDevelop Handbook" Correction/Omission

RickD rickdp at teksavvy.com
Mon Nov 14 18:58:48 GMT 2022


First, I am not sure how to submit this information... I resorted to 
contacting you because I cannot find any other means of doing so!

I am studying your KDevelop Handbook, and have found an Omission/Error(?)

Title Page of PDF contains: "This documentation was converted from the 
KDE UserBase KDevelop4/Manual page."

In  Chapter 4,  Section  "4.3 Other files", the 2nd last sentence:

  "If the selected category is neither Class nor Test,

   you will only have the option of choosing the license,

   any custom options specified by the template, and the output file 
locations."  (this last part is obviously missing a point!?)

Thanks in advance,



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