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            Bug ID: 461467
           Summary: Kde for Creators: French translations are terrible
    Classification: Websites
           Product: www.kde.org
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: Other
                OS: Linux
            Status: REPORTED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: general
          Assignee: kde-www at kde.org
          Reporter: m_louis30 at yahoo.com
  Target Milestone: ---


Many French translations on the Kde for Creators page are incorrect (some even

1. Learn French if needed
2. Read https://kde.org/fr/for/creators/


The following are simply incorrect:

- "For Artists Using KDE Applications." -> "Pour les artistes utilisant les
Applications de KDE": French doesn't use Title Case, should be lowercase
- "Fund it" -> "Financer le" (correct: simply "Financer")
- "Learn More" -> "Plus d'informations" (correct: "Plus d'information", it's
- "Join the krita-artists.org community to share your art with other artists."
-> there is a Markdown error in the translation
- Kdenlive's slogan in French is "Gérez vos photos comme un professionnel grâce
à la puissance de l'Open Source", not "Gestion professionnelle de photos avec
le pouvoir du monde « Open source »" (unless the Kdenlive translation was
changed recently)
- "Quickly find your best images using labels" -> "Trouver rapidement vos
meilleures images par utilisation d’étiquettes": missing article before
"utilisation" (better: "...avec des étiquettes")
- "Capture color from your screen and keep track of them" -> "Capturer une
couleur sur votre écran et mémoriser la": "la mémoriser" or "Capturez... et
mémorisez-la", but mixing them is incorrect (the first suggestion is in line
with the rest of the page)
- "Artwork by X" (in the Krita carroussel) -> "Œuvre artistique par X": several
problems here:
  * One says "Œuvre d'art" and not "artistique"
  * One says "Œuvre de X" and not "par X"
  * "Œuvre" implies a qualitative judgment and sounds pretentious. Maybe simply
use "Tableau par X" or "Peinture par X" (here it's "par" and not "de", French
is complicated). "Peinture numérique par X" would fit Krita very well but is no
longer a simple translation.

The following are convoluted and could be simplified:

- "Digital Painting for Human Beings" -> "Peinture numérique pour les êtres
humains": I think what's meant here is "Peinture numérique pour les gens
normaux" or "pour tous"
- "Neutral color support" -> "Prise en charge de la couleur neutre" is
unnecessarily long, sugg. "Couleurs neutres"
- "Obtenir un aperçu pour la prise en charge de toutes vos images" -> "Un
aperçu pour toutes vos images"
- "Afficher un aperçu de vos fichiers de Krita directement depuis le
gestionnaire de fichiers et l'afficheur d’images" -> "Prévisualisez vos
fichiers Krita directement depuis..."


It looks like the text was written in French in the first place.


Firefox 106.0.2 on Plasma


Page advertised by Nate in his weekly review

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