Impossible to read in English

Phu Hung Nguyen phu.nguyen at
Wed Apr 6 13:01:34 BST 2022

Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your report.

I have made a fix for the issue, please check again on your machine.


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 > Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2022 08:54:10 +0200
 > From: Tobias Weiblen <t-weiblen at>
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 > Subject: Impossible to read in English
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 > Hello KDE Webmasters,
 > I'm just a reader of Hope this is a possible place to 
report an issue in context of the changes related to
 > My browser language is set to German, but I read in 
English because it has way more English-language content. Since the 
changes, the site automatically forwards me to the /de version. While I 
can switch to any other > language from the top menu, this does not work 
for English. As English is the default language, it immediately sends me 
back to German.
 > Is it possible to have a non-forwarding /en version linked to the 
language selection menu? Else, the most important language content won't 
be accessible anymore without switching browser language first.
 > Thanks
 > Tobias

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