[www.kde.org] [Bug 429638] Use the browser Accept-Language language to serve the pages in this language

Phu H. Nguyen bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Tue Apr 5 17:02:58 BST 2022


Phu H. Nguyen <phu.nguyen at kdemail.net> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
      Latest Commit|https://invent.kde.org/webs |https://invent.kde.org/webs
                   |ites/kde-org/commit/3d8d280 |ites/kontact-kde-org/commit
                   |c61e9a5413f5d8ea3bc586b943d |/d3e23efdc3de027ebb43a29a1b
                   |83e101                      |600cfae6bacd78

--- Comment #12 from Phu H. Nguyen <phu.nguyen at kdemail.net> ---
Git commit d3e23efdc3de027ebb43a29a1b600cfae6bacd78 by Phu Nguyen.
Committed on 05/04/2022 at 16:00.
Pushed by phunh into branch 'master'.

Bump kde-hugo

M  +1    -1    go.mod
M  +2    -2    go.sum


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