Can't Log In With Correct Name

John Michael Williams jwill1000000 at
Sun Sep 19 14:24:24 BST 2021


I have repeatedly tried to log in to your web
site, but your program refuses to let me use my
correct online name (jwill1000000 at

I would like to be logged in as

name = John Williams (or, "jwill" or "jwillxx")
id = jwill1000000 at

However, no matter which name I give, my id (above)
is rejected as already in use.

It is possible that one of my login attempts succeeded
without my awareness, and that this is causing the problem.

Would you be kind enough to log me in as one
of the names + id above -- or, delete any
"jwill1000000 at" identity already
logged in?   I only ever use one online id.

John Michael Williams
jwill1000000 at

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