[www.kde.org] [Bug 444138] Mirroring forks on invent.kde.org is restricted

Dominik Kummer bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Sat Oct 23 19:51:43 BST 2021


--- Comment #10 from Dominik Kummer <admin at arkades.org> ---
As far as I understood the mirroring-feature, it just does mirror the upstream
master branch hourly/daily/weekly into my fork master branch, no matter what,
like a hard reset. So everything I merge into my own fork master will be lost.

But if I merge the regularly updated fork master into my fork feature branch, I
can solve possible conflicts with latest master on my own, and finally file a
merge request upstream. So upstream developer receives a conflict free merge
with high probability.

Maybe I got something wrong with the mirror-feature's purpose anyway. possible
of course. even likely.

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