[www.kde.org] [Bug 444138] Mirroring forks on invent.kde.org is restricted

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Thu Oct 21 15:05:10 BST 2021


--- Comment #8 from Dominik Kummer <admin at arkades.org> ---
@Aleix without cron mirroring the fork I'd rather add and fetch a remote
"upstream", rebase upstream/master and push origin master.

The thing is, if an organizational vector touches several integral kde projects
(in a modular way of course) and probably takes lots of local research and
testing, I think its better to have relevant up-to-date forks, which keeps the
concept/usecase/showcase isolated first. Thats the case if a feature is
complex, and one has no interest in discussing/arguing every single merge or

My aim is to show usecases of rdf, nepomuk/baloo, akonadi, kraft,
calligra/kile, freecad (bim/ifc), kplan inside a custom arch distro. If the
usecase/concept is actually useful I could propose/file merge requests upstream
to kde.

So I am currently planning a continous integration across arch build system,
kdesrc-build and custom distro build system, containerized testing with

Mirroring the fork's master just seemed to be useful, to get rid of the local
upstream rebase.

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