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Tue Apr 6 19:43:47 BST 2021

Le mardi, avril 6, 2021 3:32 PM, Don Wilkinson <don.wilkinson at> a écrit :

> Hi There,

Hi :)
> The Angelfish Web browser link on the Plasma Mobile website is producing a 404 error.

Thanks for the report, I just pushed a fix:

This should go live in ~10min.

> Will Plasa Mobile on PinePhone beta support the Signal App or only matrix?

This is a question better asked in the plasma mobile channel. The short answer is that
it's complicated. Signal hasn't been very friendly to open source projects
and their server codebase is closed source since now more than one year, additionally,
they don't provide an API that we can use and there is nobody in the plasma mobile team
willing to develop the app or who has time for that.

For the moment in terms of chat, protocol supported there is only XMPP, SMS, Telegram
and Matrix. NeoChat and the Matrix ecosystem nice, but I'm biased since I'm one of the
NeoChat developer ;)


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