Website content licensing

Carl Schwan carl at
Tue Sep 8 13:43:51 BST 2020

Hello everyone,
we just talked in the Licensing BOF about the license of the websites
and I would like to discuss the possible preferred license for the
content of our websites. Currently, for most of the websites, there is
none and it's a kind of a problem because it's mean that the websites
are licensed under a proprietary license. I plan to send many emails to
all the old contributors, but before that, I would like to decide that
is the preferred license for this type of content.

The current choice are:

AGPL: this is the same license as the code of the websites but I don't
think it is a great idea because it makes it almost impossible for
others to share the content and this is not the desired outcome for
content that is primarily focused on promoting a product.

CC-BY-SA-4.0: this is the preferred license for the documentation but
it is less problematic for sharing it, but it's still not a great feet
for sharing it on a not FOSS related media.

CC-BY and CC-0, I think these two licenses should be preferred. CC-0
has the advantage that any media could share it without worrying about
copyright, so potentially making our apps promotional material (announcements,
descriptions, images, ...) easier to share.

While CC-BY will make it a bit more complex but I don't think this
should be a big barrier for media to copy and share our content. In my
observation, big media companies tend to credits photographs for their
pictures. CC-BY also has another advantage over CC-0, which is that
it's closer to our "value" around Free Software. So it would be in my
opinion the preferred license for images, videos, text and other forms
of content.

Please let me know what do you all think.

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