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Wed Oct 28 19:47:47 GMT 2020

Hello friends,


My name is Maurice and I would like to help KDE (Neon) grow on the web.

I have used KDE for quite some time now and I love the KDE Neon distro.

I own a small IT company in the Netherlands next to my regular job, working
mainly on

Websites (Pure HTML/CSS, Jekyll, Wordpress), basic image (re)design, linux
(home)servers, hosting and building PC's. 


Other skills:

*	Project management
*	Translations: Fluent in English and Dutch
*	Writing articles, blogs or manuals
*	UI design


With these skills and my hardware I would like to contribute to KDE.


If there is anything I can help you with, feel free to ask!


I'am looking forward to your reply,

Warm regards from the Netherlands,


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