Can't login to UserBaseWiki

Николай Смольянинов nicolaipetrovi at
Wed Nov 18 19:59:29 GMT 2020

I am Smolyaninov (administrator, translator) (Created on 7 February 2019 at
20:55), wanted to update the translation of the Kdenlive manual. In the
summer I switched to another Linux distribution and changed the browser.
Now I easily logged in to, but on the KDE UserBase Wiki
page through "Login with MyKDE" I could not introduce myself to the system
(instead of logging in, the system replies with the following "⧼kdelogin⧽
⧼Kdelogin-already-exists⧽ "). I tried to log in through Special pages ->
Login / create account -> Log in. I enter the same login and password as on, but I am told that I am entering the wrong password.
Are there other ways to log into the KDE UserBase Wiki using my own name?
Or how can I reset my old password? Indeed, unlike the KDE Community Wiki,
the KDE UserBase Wiki does not have a Password Reset page.
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