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I already spoke a bit about it with Leinir, but I will mentor a Season of KDE project about updating the Calligra website. The idea of updating the Calligra website was really popular and I received more than 10 proposals for the website. I choose Anuj Bansal since he already contributed to the website and he is familiar with the current KDE web tooling.

The goal of the new website is to bring new users and new contributors to Calligra.

The website update will be focused around the content, the design, and the infrastructure.

* Content:
  * the screenshots need to be updated to use the Breeze theme
  * the text need be checked to see if it is still actual
  * Url should remain the same for compatibility with the old links
  * Old content needs to be ported. We should not lose any announcements
  * The planet feature is easy to reproduce using the Jekyll planet component.
  * Add get-involved page with links to developer information and other useful information to start hacking on Calligra ;)

* Design:
  * The updated website will use the Aether theme. This is the theme used for and was designed for KDE.
  * Potentially we could use some small variation from the main theme to make the website more unique.
  * A good example about how the website could look in the future is
  * New design will be also compatible with mobile phone.

* Infrastructure:
  * The new website will use Jekyll a static site generator (the CI build the website and the server only serve plain html content). This means the website will be faster to load for the visitor and more secure.
  * All the content is stored in git as markdown files and this makes it easier to contribute to the website (we can use gitlab as CMS)

As the first step for Anuj, I think the best would be to set up a repository in and create the base structure with a lot of boilerplate content (copied from the existing website) and the basic Jekyll configuration. When we can iterate over the content and design until everyone is happy with it. :)

Any questions? or other requirements for the website I forgot to mention?


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