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Fri Dec 20 04:08:18 GMT 2019

Greetings Sir/Madam,

I'm looking to contributing to the KDE platform, and I was going through
the KDE Community website, which is extremely helpful. However, on the Get
Involved/development page (, I
feel there's an error in the subheading *Setup QT. *It explains:

If your Linux distribution provides a recent version of Qt (5.11 or newer),
> you can save some time and disk space and use that version instead of
> building your own. To configure kdesrc-build to skip building Qt, open
> the configuration file ~/.kdesrc-buildrc and comment out the qtdir and
> two include lines related to qt5.

 It isn't correct to comment out the qtdir line in ~/.kdesrc-buildrc,
instead the qtdir line should be set to the appropriate path where qt has
been installed on your computer.
For eg. it should look like:
             qtdir  ~/Qt/5.12.6/gcc_64 # Where to find Qt5

It has been correctly explain to comment out the include lines, however we
shouldn't comment out the qtdir line. I guess that might work if Qt has
been installed in the default usr/lib directory, but explaining how to set
the qtdir path, can help a lot of people solve cmake and qt errors during
build (which I faced extensively).

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