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Tue Sep 18 19:10:12 BST 2018


--- Comment #7 from Andrew Crouthamel <andrew.crouthamel at kdemail.net> ---
I feel we're going to get sidetracked here, as the issue is relating to an
unlinked, dead page. But: 

(In reply to Albert Astals Cid from comment #5)
> Personally i always feel a bit uneasy about doing redirects like that.

Why? It's normal throughout the web.

(In reply to Nate Graham from comment #6)
> > Was it some other reason? 
> There is a major advantage to having it a wiki: the barrier to editing it is
> vastly smaller than for a webpage on kde.org. Even most people with
> contributor accounts don't have access to the website. As a result...

I agree with this, and something I'd like to bring up at a later date is moving
other pages that have been left to rot, to Wiki-style for this same reason.

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