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Ryan Reamsbottom ryanrms at
Tue Aug 21 16:24:36 BST 2018


I needed to contribute to the wiki for KDE Neon, so I created an account
via Phabricator

I was able to create the account, and log in after.  But there was no
password shown to me or emailed to me, additionally no email was entered so
I can't reset the password even though I'm logged in, because adding an
email requires your password.

My username on the wiki is ryanrms, my email on
phabricator is ryanrms at, my KDE identity username is rreamsbottom

I also ended up creating a duplicate KDE Phabricator account because I
thought I did something wrong the first time around.  The email associated
with it is rdr at  It can be deleted, but won't harm anything if it
just remains a duplicate.

Thanks for your help!
Ryan Reamsbottom
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