Plan for reusable web site theme

Jumpei Ogawa phanective at
Sun May 14 13:57:28 UTC 2017


I'm considering to update theme for currently use Capacity.
Since Capacity is created 7+ years ago, it's a little bit hassle setting up
local environment for debug comparing to modern tools.
As a replacement of Capacity, I was considering to create a theme for
static site generator (e.g. Jekyll) based on new or

However, I read recent Ken Vermette's email and I noticed Ken is developing
wordpress-aether based on new web site.

Will migrate to WordPress and use wordpress-aether?
Or will it keep to be something close to static HTML with some vanilla PHP

If will migrate to Wordpress, it is not good idea to create
Aethor-based static site generator theme because I have to follow update of
I want to know's plan to decide my plan for

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