How to retrieve userid and password for kde identity?

Peter J. Farley III pjfarley3 at
Sat Dec 30 00:58:55 UTC 2017

Hi KDE Web Team,


I seem to have once upon a time registered for a KDE identity but I
have no record of the user id or password that I used.


When I try to register anew at it says that my email
address is already in use, but there is no link to retrieve the
correct userid for that email address.


I am registered for the kmymoney user mailing list using this same
email address.


Is there some way for me to retrieve the kde identity userid that I
used for the email address from which I am sending this note?


The reason that I need to know my kde identity is that I need to
report a problem to sysadmin where I am not receiving email from the
kmymoney mailing list to this email address since Nov. 26, 2017.


TIA for any assistance you can provide.


Peter J. Farley III

Brooklyn, NY, USA

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