I just hope

Paulo Brito C. no.soft.at.all at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 18:03:53 UTC 2017

Well dear people thanks already and from right now.

I've a kin of many, but many problems, because *"someone"* wants *"more"*,
and more and more.
And so on.

So, around of one year someone spoke to me about OS Linux.

I have done a few - lets say - tests, and OK!

I agree to much with your

*Behavior  Stats.*
To much

*...*Well you say, if you please

Thursday I bye a new Laptop (not from Microsoft for sure) with Linux OS (no
one until there knew about).

Well the PC arrive with OS ENDLESS

I denounce them and right now I'm no PC, my mail account was closed.
aftebi16 at ubi.pt or I can't access them, etc and so on.

So, I've jobs to do, I need study, etc.

I need some privacy fore sure, I'll try help all people I can, I'm
unemployed... etc.

But from Microsoft, sorry, I don't want nothing at all.

Except faraway from me.

Right now I try to install Kubuntu 16.10 in one PEN (to have a PC... )
until I resolve my amusing OS [not] Linux... problem.

So I saw some irregularities, and I hope.

Just hope, like I say.

Thanks for you and Freedom with respect for all

sincerely yours

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