Changes to KDE Identity / UserBase wiki login

Andrew Toskin summerfallsaway at
Sun Apr 30 08:00:08 UTC 2017

Today I decided to look at some of my old posts on the KDE forums and the
UserBase wiki. It's been a while, and at some point the UserBase wiki
switched to login with Phabricator, which still uses KDE Identity. Weird
that I have to login to Identity to create a Phabricator account to login
to UserBase. I'd thought the whole point of KDE Identity was to have a
single account for managing all KDE websites...

Well, I registered at the KDE Phabricator, but when I tried to then login
to UserBase, I can't login to my "terrycloth" wiki account for some reason,
and there's no password reset. And I can't create the "terrycloth" name
because it already exists (it's mine!). I don't get it.

How can I get into my UserBase account

~ Andrew Toskin
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