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Tue May 3 14:43:39 UTC 2016


If I remember right Josef (old maintainer of knewstuff) set up I don't think he's around much anymore. I think we
have a sort of "shared" ownership of the data on that site. I think it
would be a good thing to go through what's there and see if any
current/recent applications still make use of what's there (through
their use of knewstuff) and prune what's not used. It's entirely
possible that the whole site isn't used anymore, but before nuking it
we should verify that imo.


On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 2:21 AM, Valorie Zimmerman
<valorie.zimmerman at> wrote:
> Helloi all, who is in charge of pages like this?
> It seems extremely odd and useless.
>  " Kate repository
> Italian words for KHangMan "
> Related issue: it seems that  KDE maintains ?
> Perhaps this corner of should be archived.
> Valorie
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