Shutting down, time for setting up redirects

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Wed Mar 30 23:03:33 UTC 2016


sloooowly moving, but here we are now with a complete list of redirect 
proposals, so people following old links to will not end up 
with unknown domain name or 404.

As before I propose to only do full redirects for pages of apps which are 
still developed. And have any other links just silently be redirected to
((I personally think in a perfect world we also properly document phased out 
KDE software, so people can learn about the state instead of having to guess 
it is dead and gone. But we do not have a standard way yet, so creating a 
random graveyard here will not help maintenance.))

@Jeremy, in January you said you might be able to care for the redirects, are 
you still up for that?
Who else might be able to do that?

Find below the list of proposed redirects.
Please also check if I missed anything from the current 
website that would better also get a redirect.

Friedrich redirects in general:

/ ->
home/*  ->

apps/$name ->$category/$name

Per app, following the list on the mainpage:

Kopete Skype -> no longer developed, as noted on its page

KColorEdit ->
KGraphViewer ->
KPhotoAlbum ->
digiKam ->

KXStitch ->
SymbolEditor ->
Kipi -> plugins, do not have own page.
        most related: 

DigikamImagePlugins -> became kipi, see above
KolorManager -> dead link on itself
kpovmodeler -> seems no longer developed
showimg -> seems dead

Amarok ->
K3b ->
Kaffeine ->
kmplayer ->

kplayer ->  seems no longer developed

KFTPGrabber ->
KMldonkey ->
KTorrent ->
Konversation ->
knemo ->

Kopete Bonjour -> merged into kopete "many years ago"
Kopete Cryptography -> merged into kopete "many years ago"
KDEBluetooth -> seems kde4-only

KEuroCalc ->
Skrooge ->
Tellico ->
kile ->

Kst ->

KDE Partition Manager ->

Kiosktool ->
Krecipes ->
Krusader ->
Yakuake ->

kdiff3 ->

KConfigEditor -> seems no longer developed
Kronometer ->

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