save bugs i am tracking / following / interested in?

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Tue Mar 29 20:32:14 UTC 2016

jeff stern ha scritto:
> hi, all..
> is there a way on <> , to save a list of the
> bugs i am "tracking" / "following" /  interested in?   like, to make
> "bookmarks" or "favorites", inside <> (once i
> am signed in)?
> 1) for instance, if i am sitting at a particular bug,
> i'd like to be able to "flag" it as a "favorite", or one which i'd like to
> keep my eye on.  is there a link i could click on that page, itself, to add to
> my saved bugs i am following (not my OWN bugs, though)?

You can add yourself (subscribe) to a bug. You will receive then all the
updates for that bug, and you can use searches (see below) for getting all the

> 2) also, a place i could go to to see all previous bugs i am following on
> <>?

Full search page:

Look for the "Search By People" section.


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