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Review request for KDE Websites, kdewin, Ralf Habacker, and Patrick Spendrin.


Submitted with commit c1e1d1498b855896fe72c71622cfb6f1eae4706c by Albert Astals Cid to branch master.

Repository: windows-kde-org


So, while trying to find out, how to bring a KF5 version of RKWard to Windows, one of the places where I was looking for information was That did not help me much. Here's a suggestion for slightly more up-to-date information.

Key changes:
- Mention the fact that the KDE installer is still the easy way to install most KDE apps, but in a rather old version.
- Mention the fact that at least some applications offer more recent single-app installers.
- Remove the overly caution warning about applications being "not yet in a final state". What really is? And many apps can in fact be used productively on Windows, even if they may have more bugs on that platform, than on Linux.
- Links to techbase seemed to be a bit redundant, I tried to reduce that.
- Remove mention of specific version of Windows. Win 8 and Win 10 seem to work, too. Support for Win XP applies to the old installer, only, not current (emerge).


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Thomas Friedrichsmeier

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