Installing KMyMoney on Windows

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Fri Aug 7 21:39:32 UTC 2015

On Sat, Aug 8, 2015 at 2:40 AM, José Carlos Santos <jcsantos at> wrote:
> Hi all,

Hi Jose,

> I decided to install KMyMoney on a Windows machine. It was the first time
> ever that tried to install any KDE software. I ran into a strange problem:
> whenever I try to run KMyMoney, I get this error message:
> The monetary decimal symbol is not correctly set in the KDE System Settings
> module Country/region & Language. Please set it to a reasonable values and
> start KMyMoney again.
> How can I possibly do this if KMyMoney doesn't run at all?

You've reached the kde-www mailing list, which is primarily used to
discuss the website infrastructure and content behind and
other associated websites.
I'm afraid we can't help you with your inquiry.

I'd suggest making a post on the KDE Community Forums at or reposting your question to the KDE users
mailing list (kde at or the KDE on Windows mailing list
(kde-windows at

In any event, running KDE System Settings and completing the necessary
configuration should resolve your issue - this will probably be called
"systemsettings.exe" and located in the directory in which KMyMoney is

> Best regards,
> José Carlos Santos

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