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Tue Sep 30 01:34:25 UTC 2014


This would probably be something for the forum administrators, I've cc:ed
all admins to make sure everyone sees this request.

By badge, do you mean the thing displayed below your username, e.g.
"Administrator" on
In that case it would probably be simplest to create a new user group
(something like "Supporter"?).
The issue then is how to automatically add users who donated to this group.
What information do users provide when donating? Can they e.g. provide an
email or optional information, which could be their KDE Identity/forum


On Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 1:56 AM, Valorie Zimmerman <
valorie.zimmerman at> wrote:

> Hi all, there has been a request for a special badge for those who
> donate in the upcoming fundraising drive, such as "I support Freedom"
> or a
> button, or similar. Is this possible, and if so, to whom do we need to
> talk to to get it implemented?
> Valorie
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