solaris site

Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at
Tue Oct 14 19:23:42 UTC 2014


Ben thought you'd be the person to confirm. I've been cleaning up our
svn websites folder migrating stuff to git and wondered about the
solaris site. It's out of date, and I'm not sure if we support solaris
anymore or not. the kde-solaris mailing list has been closed. Which of
these makes the most sense to you:

1. Close completely
2. Change to be a redirect to some solaris userbase
page like is.
3. Migrate from svn to git and update it to reflect
the current status of the project.

I'm set up to easily do any of those (except for updating the content
itself of course since I have no clue about the project.) so let me
know which you prefer or which makes the most sense and I'll make it


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