Documentation BoF/workshop at Akademy; recommendations for mainsite menu revamp

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at
Tue Oct 14 04:59:30 UTC 2014

Hi folks,

During the documentation workshop at Akademy, our speaker & discussion
facilitator looked at our front page,, to see how easy it
was for various classes of people to figure out how to get information
or get involved with KDE. We got as far as the top-level menues, and
found a bit of a mess. Because our internet connections were so poor,
we ended up emailing text files to one another, then meeting up for
lunch and using the restaurant connectivity. :-)

I think the mainsite could do with a remake, however that will take
time. Fixing the top-level menus and/or the pages pointed to from
there is a much smaller task, which IMO should be done now. We should
make our site helpful to press who need information, new people who
are looking for help, or want to help out in various ways.

Here is what Mikey and I came up with:

KDE website


- Announcements > Release Announcements
- Events (create page with upcoming events that links to the community
wiki events section, and merge past events from History page to the
second half of the page)
- Press Information (merge important content from Press Page and Press Contact)
- Security Advisories (verify with sysadmins first)

=Our Products/Software=
- Plasma
-- Desktop
-- Notebook
-- Active (new page)
- Applications
-- Development
-- Education
-- Games
-- Graphics
-- Internet
-- Multimedia
-- Office
-- System
-- Utilities

** note - IMO there should be a link to our Frameworks docs as well

- Use KDE
-- Documentation
-- UserBase Wiki
- Develop KDE
-- TechBase Wiki (consider renaming to Developer Wiki)
-- API Reference
- Report a Bug
- Forums
- Mailing Lists (modify to include help lists, and please include KDE-Community)

=About KDE=
- Manifesto
- Code of Conduct
- Legal
-- KDE e.V.
-- KDE Free Qt Foundation
- History (clean up release information and keep org timeline)
-- Awards


I'm willing to help with content re-write; just tell me what you need.

I'll send another email later with some of the larger questions we raised.



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