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El Jueves, 2 de octubre de 2014 21:24:21 usted escribió:

> This is incredibly odd - we shouldn't be losing bug reports like this.
> When you access the KDE bug tracker, does it make any mention of this
> being a test instance or anything along those lines?

Concerning that of calligraflow, I think so, but I wouldn't ensure it completely. It happens with 
that one that I even saw it after I sent it as if it were properly submitted. On the following day it 
was gone.

If you allow me, I prefer to wait till a next version arrives, I check if the bug I submitted (or I 
tried to submit -- I don't know what to type for this) still happens. And the I would get in touch 
with you again if this «problem» with your web remains. Let us think I did something wrong.

Greetings, and thanks once again.


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