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Yash Ladia ladiayash at
Sun Mar 16 00:24:36 UTC 2014


Firstly, thank-you for replying to my emails so promptly.

While I was writing my proposal, I felt it would be nice to change the idea
a bit:

According to the text on the idea page, the idea has the following parts:
  1. Completing the test suite
  2. upgrading to rails 4
  3. Adding other activities.

Though adding more features to our site is nice, I think it is more
important to change the code so that adding more activities is easier and
done with least code duplication.

Hence, I would like to refract the idea to:
  1. Completing the test suite (same as above)

  2. Cleaning up and modularizing the existing testing code:
Like I had done in my review request [1], I would make similar changes to
other parts of the integration tests code.

  3. Creating a generic base module for all activities:
All the activities will have some very common parts (entries, xml parsing,
fetching of the xml file, etc.) I will create a base module "activity".
This would be implemented by all activities (both that exist now and the
ones that will be added in the future). I chose module over class, as
different activities may have some differences in their tables which would
lead to denormalization in case of classes [2].

  4. Porting the projects activity backend code to the above structure.

  5. Create the backend code for the news activity (accordingly):
This will be done if time permits, but will not take as much time as a full
new activity since the integration tests are already written.


Please provide your thoughts on the above so that I can change my proposal

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