Initail understanding of GSoC Idea: KDE Reports

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Thu Mar 13 07:36:51 UTC 2014

On Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 8:11 AM, Yash Ladia <ladiayash at> wrote:

> Hello Ahmed,

Hi Yash,

> I have studied the idea (probably yours) on the idea page. Before I can
> make a formal proposal I need your confirmation on a few things: My
> understanding is you want a site like:
> [image: Inline image 1]
> Is this it?
> I have seen that currently, the reports page fetches data from the
> site form the xml file:
> . This seems like a fairly easy
> method to implement for the other reports as well. However, I could not
> find a similar xml file in the repository. Does it exist?
> If it does not shall I create it?
> I could not find out how the kde_projects.xml file is being created. Will
> this be possible to implement the other websites?

Only should be producing such an XML file. Other sites
will have their own methods of accessing and retrieving data (such as the
forum's RSS feeds) which will have to be utilised instead.

> Or, should I query the databases of the websites to fetch the data. The
> commands itself would be easy to write but I would need (thought only read)
> access to the databases, which would be possible probably only by ssh. A
> connection would be needed to be set up from the reports server to severs
> of other websites (forum, news, planetkde, dot) so that these queries can
> be made and results can be fetched.

The databases themselves will not be directly accessible.

> Or, I have another idea, but seems a little hacky: subscribe to the RSS
> feeds on the reports server and make reports from them. Also, though I
> haven't researched much, the following stack overflow answer seems possible
> to implement:
> Our server would need to subscribe to the RSS feeds and then parse every
> feed that is received.
> These few ideas are in my order of preference. Which one would you prefer,
> or you have something in different in your mind altogether?
> Moreover, (probably a trivial problem) I cannot find any repository for
>, or Please refer me to them or to
> how can I access the data they provide, unless we are going with the RSS
> feed parsing idea ;-)

PlanetKDE is an instance of Rawdog - it produces static HTML/RSS feeds only. and are the same site - it is a Drupal 7 instance.

> Thanking you,
> Yash Ladia.

Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin
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