pretty mailman listinfo pages?

Kete Foy kete at
Sun May 26 23:20:34 UTC 2013

I did what I could do. As we say in the states, I am just getting my 
feet wet with the process. Everyone who has time can clone 
the repo from <>. Hopefully, it 
works as I don't see the files in there. I have not pushed to my own 
repository before.

The page is mailman_tester_globalnav.html. The Mailman, Python 
and GNU logos will not work because I did not copy those images 
to the img folder. The content basically has no left margin, so it is 
exactly to the edge of the browser. Some people like this; /e.g./, it 
was popular with boilerplates that I used to try. It was default CSS, 
so I left it even though I am not a fan. Please provide feedback or 
make your own commits, etc. Thanks
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