[www.kde.org] [Bug 317553] www.kde.org webpages should not set font-size of unstyled body text and should comply with 100% Easy-2-Read Std

Ingo Malchow imalchow at kde.org
Sun Mar 31 12:48:22 UTC 2013


--- Comment #18 from Ingo Malchow <imalchow at kde.org> ---
The reason for closing is quite simple: It does not fit into the design
decision to comply to the mentioned "standard" entirely (which is not standard,
but a suggestion). This does not mean i don't agree on certain points of it. I
do. On others not that much and on others not at all.

As already said probably in every reply, the new version will introduce font
changes again as well. Those use rem as base. But (also again) this is decided
and done upstream. The current theme on the forum overwrites some font changes
which i removed already in our development version. So the entire font scaling
is not up to us anymore. But we set a custom font. One of the points btw
against the topic of this bugreport. Our designer once decided about a certain
font to use for (also already explained) various reasons.

So yeah, it might sound tactical, and probably is, but i won't follow a certain
blogpost in its rules. I follow the design that was given to me and try to do
the best out of it. In our various scenarios. But this means the bugreport as
it was given is a WONTFIX. If you simply stated "i can't read xxx, please raise
font size", that would be different (and yet unnecessary, as i said, it changed
a lot again in our dev version). It still takes a bit of work, but that is also
out of scope of this bugreport.
Unfortunately the mainsite www.kde.org still uses the outdated old theme (yes,
that is where plasmamenu comes from) and i hope it doesn't take that long
anymore to fully get rid of it.
So please don't waste your time on something that will be gone. Not worth your
and my time.

Again, don't take it as an offense that this is simply closed, i am aware of a
lot of issues, not only the fonts. The given "standard" just doesn't fit. If
you want to help out on a more global approach, feel free to find me outside of
this bugtracker.

And about the other one, Felix, not worth to be commented really, apart from
"CSS is mostly limiting its power. Less CSS is mostly less limiting, allowing
it to be friendlier and more useful, not to mention accessible". Now that is
the biggest bullshit i have heard in a long time. No need to argue anymore

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