[www.kde.org] [Bug 317553] www.kde.org webpages should not set font-size of unstyled body text and should comply with 100% Easy-2-Read Std

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Sat Mar 30 18:56:00 UTC 2013


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> users favourites are something between 6px and 20px... 

This range seems exaggerated or abnormal. Young people will prefer 10px-12px
because they do not have poor eyesight and they like to fill all of their
window viewport with several applications.
People with lower eyesight will prefer 15px up to 20px. So, in my opinion,
testing themes should at least cover the 12px to 18px range.


Justified text

#main {
   text-align: justify;
   padding: 10px 35px 0;
   font-size: 10pt;
   line-height: 120%;
   text-shadow: #fff 0 0 3px;
   color: #444;

 http://www.kde.org/media/includes/chihuahua/css.php around line 341

1.4.8 Visual Presentation: For the visual presentation of blocks of text, a
mechanism is available to achieve the following: (Level AAA)
" Text is not justified (aligned to both the left and the right margins)."
So, to be AAA compliant, text should not be justified 

8 Typography: Legibility
Justified text
Modern browsers support justified text, but it is achieved by crude adjustments
to word spacing. Fine adjustments are not possible on low-resolution computer
displays and are impractical to implement in today’s web browsers. Also, web
browsers are unlikely to offer automatic hyphenation any time soon, another
“must” for properly justified text. For the foreseeable future, the legibility
of your web documents will suffer if you set your text justified.
Left-justified text
Left-justified text is the most legible option for web pages because the left
margin is even and predictable and the right margin is irregular. Unlike
justified text, left justification requires no adjustment to word spacing; the
inequities in spacing fall at the end of the lines. The resulting ragged-right
margin adds variety and interest to the page without reducing legibility.


The nr 1 problem I see in chihuahua/css.php and in styles/plasmaMenu.css is the
amount of selector elements and declarations resetting each other. Some
elements are being reset more than 5 times. This contributes unneedlessly to
difficulty to debug a webpage.

Best is to understand browser defaults and to use them, rely on them,
voluntairly, intentionally, deliberately.

Best is to rely on inheritance instead of fighting inheritance. Best is to use
inheritance instead of resetting properties all the time.

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