Please pass along this e-mail letter so I can get enrolled in the KDE community online forum. I have had difficulties trying to complete the registration process to join that online forum.

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Fri Feb 22 21:45:55 UTC 2013

On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 4:21 AM, Pat Somerville <l_pat_s at> wrote:
> Hello. I have been having a hard time posting problems I have had in the
> text editor Kate 3.8.5 in the proper e-mail list, newsgroup, or online forum
> and request your help to solve one of the problems. First I joined the
> KWrite developers' e-mail list and sent an e-mail letter containing a
> description of some Kate-related problems I have had. I haven't received a
> response to that writing of mine in a couple of days there. But that may be
> because I sent my description of those problems to not the most-appropriate
> group, so my fault in that respect.

HI Pat,

> Next I found that someone posted concerning problems with the text editor
> Kate in the K Desktop Environment (KDE) community online forum. So I agreed
> to the KDE Code of Conduct and entered my e-mail address l_pat_s at
> in attempting to join that forum. I was informed that I was sent an e-mail
> letter. I suppose I was supposed to do something with I suppose the contents
> of it in order to complete the registration process for that forum. But in
> at least numerous hours I did not receive that e-mail letter in my Hotmail
> account's "Inbox" or "Junk-mail" folders. During those hours I tried to
> register again for that forum. But I saw the message that my e-mail address
> was already taken, by me of course. So that option failed.

I have now resent your account confirmation.
You should have recieved it by the time you read this email.

Our email system logs indicate that Hotmail did accept the email for delivery.
If you haven't seen it, please let me know.

> Next I clicked on a hyperlink reading "SysAdmin" or "Sysadmin." But
> afterwards I was required to enter a user name and password, which I don't
> think I have for the KDE community or KWrite developers' groups. So please
> help me get enrolled in the KDE community online forum. Below are the
> necessary data to enter me into that forum:
> First name: Lawrence
> Surname or last name: Somerville
> E-mail address: l_pat_s at (Note that the first letter in this
> e-mail address is the first letter in the word "letter," not the letter "I"
> as in "Island," even though those two letters look identical in the font in
> which I am now typing this letter.)  Thanks in advance for your help.
> Pat

Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin

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