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On 2013-12-22 07:41 (GMT-0700) Scarlett Clark composed:

> Lydia Pintscher wrote:

>> Scarlett Clark wrote:

>> > I have time, however I do not have the rest of the thread, what did you
>> > have in mind?

The whole thread:

Note the OP cites two sites the OP thought were nice, but are rudely[1] 
styled via CSS text sizing that wholly disregards users' optimal size as 
reflected by their browsers' default text size settings.

>> Great. I have forwarded the other messages to you.

> Definitely something I can do, I will start working on this first thing
> tomorrow.

Please do nothing, or at most, be conservative. It would be a shame to see 
more differ than what the one that differs from the other 11 of the first 
dozen on or become as 
rude[1] as most of the web is today.

There's a *lot* to be said for the friendly default mailman styling being 
kept constant across its many installations.

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