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> Seeing Jucato sign up to kde-community ML reminded me that his dream
> was that every userbase application page should have an info box
> showing current version.  We had to abandon the idea because there
> seemed to be no way of pulling that info from development databases,
> svn or whatever, and manually maintaining was an impossibility.
> Has anything changed in this respect?  Is it possible to get info
> directly in this way?

Don't think anything has changed from the parts we have available to fetch
that information. Actually, even worse, with the move to git a lot has
changed, as branching changed the workflow and each group might have its
own, so you can't really be sure, where you get the info about the latest
version (which branch, or which tag?)
But technically, nice to know, was not aware of it, maybe if you set it up
for each project one time it could be fetched.

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