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Luiz Romário Santana Rios luizromario at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 03:21:38 UTC 2012


I'm new to this list, so I don't know if something like this has
already been proposed, but I'd like to suggest a layout for the
kde.org website. It's pretty basic and it's just a sketch, but I think
it mostly shows my idea. I priorized workspace and applications here,
as they're the user's most common targets, but that can be changed.

My intention was to also make mockups for each of the Plasma, Apps,
Devel, etc., pages, but this page

Colors for each section (except banner and highlights) are from the
kde.org current website (each "top menu" has a little colored gradient
on its right).

P.S.: My apologies for the bad graphics - especially the churro KDE logo.

(In case kde-www doesn't support attachments:

Luiz Romário Santana Rios
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