Adding an application to's menu

jb jb at
Tue May 15 21:32:44 UTC 2012


Following a mail on kde-devel from Ingo Malchow about the application 
menu and json files that generate it, I noticed our application Kdenlive (part 
of KDE multimedia) is not there.

I am not very confident about the syntax of the json file and don't want to 
break by committing a corrupted file, so can anybody who knows that 
check it and give me feedback or commit my proposal?

Below is my attempt for the kdenlive.json file based on amarok.json.

Thanks and regards

Jean-Baptiste Mardelle


    "name": "Kdenlive",
    "parent": "extragear/multimedia",
    "repository": ["git", "kdenlive"],
    "icon": ["git", ""],

        "<p><b>Kdenlive</b> is a powerful open source non linear video 

        "Multi track editing",
        "Import and export to almost any video / audio format",
        "Capture from firewire, webcam and more",
        "Hundreds of effects to adjust colors and sound, transform and enhance 
your images",
        "Advanced features like color scopes, proxy clips, automatic audio 
        "Intuitive interface",
        "(more at"
    "homepage": "",
    "": 40125,

    "userbase": "Kdenlive",
    "forum": false,
    "handbook": "",

    "irc": ["#kdenlive"],
    "mailing lists": ["kdenlive-devel at"],

    "": false,
    "bugs": false

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