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Wed Mar 7 11:28:40 UTC 2012

Hi Dion, as mentioned in #kde-www, I think what you are doing is
great. Here are my comments on the site. I think has
set the benchmark, I'm guessing it's your motivating site as well. Can
we aim for their simplicity?* Can we aim even higher than their
standard? I think you can draw enough inspiration from them that I'll
refrain from going into everything that I find attractive about their
site, here's my recommendation: a single click to download KDE. I
understand that KDE is much larger than simply a web browser. But it's
something worth aiming for. Maybe we can incentivize distros to
produce better quality software by featuring distros based on certain
metrics measured monthly.**  I realize that KDE technology is aimed at
multiple devices and processor architectures, but so is firefox, and
they handle this masterfully.

* By we, I mean you, but then again this site will briefly represent
the entire efforts put forth by everyone.
** KDE-Promo, this is where you come in.

Heath Matlock
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