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Ingo Malchow imalchow at kde.org
Thu Aug 30 19:10:40 UTC 2012

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Am 30.08.2012 15:28, schrieb Jaroslaw Staniek:
> Dear All, As you know the qt-project.org project inherits wiki from
> Nokia. Alexandra Leisse worked on wikis and many web-related tasks
> (and with great effect) for Nokia but since she left I learned from
> Lars that maintenance of the project wikis is mostly unassigned.
> So Qt Project wikis need love.
> Excuse me if this is already in the works or planned - in this
> case just please tell me.
> Currently there are two wikis, - http://wiki.qt-project.org is more
> like 'project' wiki; it's Mediawiki-based -
> http://qt-project.org/wiki extends usual Qt docs with most actual 
> content (often drafts); it's not based on Mediawiki if I correctly 
> understand, e.g. for me it lacks templates
> Today the project hits beta milestone so I'd like to ask what do
> you think about reusing KDE techbase/userbase/community technology
> and competences there? Any volunteers?
> Ideas that emerged after I asked here and there: - Merging the two
> wikis into one as a short-term task. - Reusing translation
> technology from userbase. If you look around qt-project.org/wiki,
> it is plagued by unstructured translation pages; the situation is
> similar to early KDE wikis. Searching is just a pain. The structure
> does not seem to improving. - In the long term many of the Qt api
> docs (articles, not generated reference) would be probably better
> be maintained on the wiki. This would be like Techbase articles.
> Qt Project like KDE's sister project, both join forces in many 
> aspects, so wouldn't it be nice to recover the wikis into more
> usable state earlier than later?
 Hello Jaroslaw,

quite interesting, didn't think that would be wished, to join forces.
And no, i never heard of any plans in that regard inside the webteam
or anywhere else.

About reusing technology, well, most of our efforts go into the
theming, while the core mediawiki files are just plain, with a big
bunch of upstream extensions on top. So that shouldn't be much to
reuse. Sharing knowledge is easily possible though, especially when it
comes to the translate extension you mentioned, one of our most
important babies in the kde wikis. Niklas Laxström, the author of it,
is tireless to help us when we have issues or suggestions or bugs there.

As for content, i guess we could collaboratively make some promotion
for new contributions or asking for help to move content where it
belongs or update when needed.

Technically, as i see your mw installation, there is indeed room for
improvements (v1.16.5 is quite old).

You know where to find us, feel free to jump into #kde-www on IRC and
give us more insight or ask questions.


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Ingo Malchow
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