[Bug 159223] RSS Feed for the announcements page

Leonardo Andrés Gallego hombrepac at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 01:23:36 UTC 2012


--- Comment #3 from Leonardo Andrés Gallego <hombrepac at gmail.com> ---
I'm back to this issue. 

When I received the answer (two years after I posted the issue by the way) I
was quite upset about it, so I left it there. Now I'm back, hoping someone can
give this a second thought.

RSS is NOT the same as email, I really can't understand why one would exclude
the other. RSS is automatic, you set it up, and everytime you post an
announcement we (who subscribe) would get it. 

If RSS feeds where the same as email notifications via mailing lists, there
would be no need for them anywhere. 

There are some people out there (like me) who like to read about announcements
in their Feed Reader, not in ther email client. Most of the people who use a
feed reader use it as a newspaper, to read interesting news or stay up to date
with several sources.

I don't think memory is an issue for the KDE servers nor that a mailing list
invalidates a need for an RSS in the page, where the announcements are posted.
Please reconsider this, as it would make it much easier to follow announcements
for those who use them for something (websites, magazines,  blogs and such).


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