[Bug 298014] Dogfood: please, change the font to Oxygen.

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Sun Apr 15 21:35:09 UTC 2012


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Thank you for your concern.

There are several reasons why we can not use it as a web font of choice for the
time being.
1) it's incomplete. I'm sure this will change in time, but we can't possibly
limit the web to standard English only. There are always those who write in
their own language and we have to accommodate;
2) it only has one weight. not a big problem for a desktop font, but makes it
harder to make a distinction between headers and normal text on the web;

but none of those are good enough reasons
3) the biggest problem with Oxygen (I'm sure it will change) is kerning. The
font is very narrow, which makes it very hard to read as letter jam into one
another. To see what I mean go to google font repo, find oxygen and do a
"pop-out". Try to read the sample text and note how certain letter combination
like "rn", or "rr" look like "m" and "n" respectively. This problem will get
especially noticeable on Windows and Mac which use an inferior font rendering
sub-systems. This we simply can not have.

So the verdict is "no go" at least for the time being.

We will keep re-evaluating the possibility however, and I'm sure in time the
font matures enough for us to happily switch over.

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