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Jumpei Ogawa (phanect) phanective at
Sat Oct 1 05:47:53 UTC 2011

>> I think many Japanese people feel it difficult (and
>> not so motivated) to write contents in English and they need place
>> to write documents in Japanese.
> One solution might be to use the sandbox area - a section of pages
> linked from (which currently needs a
> clean-up).  The Japanese team leader could then watch those pages and
> use them to write up the corresponding English page.
Do you mean creating a page written only in Japanese, and put link to 
the article on Sandbox? If I understood correctly, I believe that is a 
good solution.
I'm not sure I can translate Japanese contents so soon, but I and some 
Japanese speakers can translate them.
But I'm anxious that links may be deleted or the page become messy. In 
my understanding, sandbox is a place for experiment and people may not 
expect there is informaion someone need.
I think it may be better to create other page to put links.

>> How about adding category such as "Japanese Version Only" to
>> search Japanese-specific contents?
> That shouldn't be necessary.  We have category definitions at the foot
> of each page.  We also for each language agree translations of those
> categories, so that when a page is translated the category statement
> should display the localised version of the category name.  Clicking
> on that should take you to a page that lists only (Japanese in this
> case) localised pages listing.  Also, we use "Special:myLanguage" on
> links, which is rather clever.  If a page has already been translated
> to the language that you have set as your working language, that page
> is shown by default.  If no translation has yet been made to that
> language the English page will display instead.  If we can get
> translations moving more quickly it should become rarer for an English
> page to be displayed to other-language speakers.

OK, if there will be listing page of non-English pages, "Japanese Version
Only" category won't be needed.

>>> Take a look at the lower section of
>> Thanks. Should we include information about KDE software
>> translation (not only wiki translation) in the language-specific
>> guideline?
> I don't see how that could do any harm.  Are you in touch with the
> i18n team?  As long as the content we carry works with their needs,
> that's fine.
I haven't touched with i18n team, but there are some member who work for 
KDE software localization in Japan community, and some localization 
manuals are on our current wiki.
I'll confirm i18n team about it.

Jumpei Ogawa (aka. phanect)

Japan KDE Users Group

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