spam on *base

Ingo Malchow imalchow at
Fri Jun 24 10:25:45 UTC 2011

2011/6/24 Lukas <1lukas1 at>:
> Looks like someone is tagging "insecure"  websites. Either for future reuse
> just search
> "",
> either testing new spam bot, either preparing to control spam bot network.
> Anyway, it looks like its more standard attack, rather than direct one on
> KDE sites, so it should be possible to prevent them :)
> Ingo, could you send me links/quick how to/link to wiki page, so i could
> clone current mediawiki current instance and play in local host. Sorry, I'm
> not very used to current KDE infrastructure :)
> Lukas

Sure. Some raw information can be found on
Basically what we work with is plain upstream mediawiki install.
Reason is simple. To keep update procedures clean we do not intend to
hack the core code of it. So first thing you would need to do is just
installing mediawiki the usual way. We are in the process of updating
all 3 wikis to current mw1.17, so consider that the base version.
On top of that we have our skin(s). Those are custom and can be hacked
like you prefer. The one in use on userbase is "chihuahua", should be
used soon on techbase and community, too. See first link for the repo
I don't think any of the used extensions can influence what you intend
to do, but if you are curious which ones we use, you can jump to
<wiki-url>/Special:Version to see the used ones along with their

Hope that helps for the moment.


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