[Bug 276996] Gradinent has discrete lines on Chihuahua style background for MediaWiki (TechBase and UserBase).

Eugene Trounev eugene.trounev at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 15:10:35 UTC 2011


--- Comment #5 from Eugene Trounev <eugene trounev gmail com>  2011-07-06 15:10:35 ---
I speak, read, and write Russian very well :) I am also well acquainted with
different diffusion techniques. Problem here however is that we are not dealing
with a simple gradient, we are dealing with a gradient in a webpage background,
where the file size is a paramount. Any sort of diffusion I could choose will
greatly reduce the efficiency of JPEG compression based on similarities in tint
and luminosity (and that's where those broken gradient stripes come from - they
are of the same luminosity and therefore get extrapolated).
The background is 1597 × 1053 in physical size and that's a LOT of pixel mass.
At this size with given compression it is a whooping 105KB in size. Making it
any sharper will jump the file size up to 300KB and over which is unacceptable
for a webpage background.
Hope this answers your questions.

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