[Bug 276996] Gradinent has discrete lines on Chihuahua style background for MediaWiki (TechBase and UserBase).

Nikita Skovoroda chalkerx at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 14:47:41 UTC 2011


--- Comment #3 from Nikita Skovoroda <chalkerx gmail com>  2011-07-06 14:47:40 ---
That does not look like jpeg artifact. But if it is, it is still possible to
play with compression level.

Jpeg artifacts generally produce squares. But this looks like just gradinent
with wide stripes.

The stripes are caused by the fact that the colors are limited (see attached
image, the colors are as close as they could be), and the gradient just can't
be smooth because of that (it is wider than the number of colors between the
start color and the end color). 

Tere are different techniques to avoid such lines when making gradinents, like
so: http://groundice.com/notes/gradient.php (russian, but just looking at the
images should be enough).

The first two images are the example of the problem (1-st is with slighly
raised contrast, the second with largely raised contrast).

The third one it dithering workaround (not so good).

Next images show noise+blur workaround (the better one, but still not ideal).

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